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"I can honestly say that after trying other products what impressed me most about SQL Cloud Backup is its cloud service. It’s integrated right into the program, and you can put your backups onto the remote server literally in one click. The cloud service requires a subscription fee, but for me that wasn't an issue because I was looking for maximum security for my database backups."

Andy Malyshev,
ElcomSoft Co., Ltd.

How it works

SQL Cloud Backup is simple and intuitive software that allows you to back up your SQL Server databases and store the backup copies on a local or network disk and in the cloud. The program uses wizards to guide you through the backup creation and scheduling process, while most of the routine tasks are done automatically in the background.

Cloud Backup Schema

The program’s features are sufficient for most small and mid-sized businesses with a modest IT budget. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of IT dollars on expensive SQL Server backup solutions if all you are looking for is simplicity and straightforwardness. Even the free edition of SQL Cloud Backup supports advanced features such as encryption, backup compression, automatic integrity check and backup scheduling.

Finally, you can sign up for a cloud storage account, which works seamlessly with the SQL Cloud Backup software and allows you to automatically upload your backups to the cloud storage in addition to saving them onto a local disk. This cloud backup feature is optional – you don’t have to use it to take full advantage of other SQL Cloud Backup features. However, storing your backups in the cloud gives you a ‘last hope’ that you still can recover all your databases if you have lost all local backups.

Interested? Download SQL Cloud Backup now. It’s free, no strings attached. The program comes with 1 month of free cloud storage, and you can cancel your subscription at any moment and continue using SQL Cloud Backup for local backups.

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